31 Days of Proverbs: Day 31

As a daughter of God, you don't have to "prove" yourself to anyone else. You don't have to brag or convince anyone that you are valuable and worthy. God has already accepted you as His own and it is His opinion that matters.

31 Days of Proverbs: Day 29

Don’t hide who you truly are - who God created you to be - out of fear of what others will think. Don’t neglect what you know God has called you to do because of the negativity and discouragement you receive from others. Embrace wholeheartedly His plan and purpose for your life.

31 Days of Proverbs: Day 27

All of these things I don’t need are tucked away in boxes that no one ever sees. In the same way, we have so much unnecessary baggage hidden in our hearts and our minds, taking up valuable space. Maybe you notice it and maybe you don’t, but it’s still there. And eventually, the evidence of your baggage will reveal itself.

31 Days of Proverbs: Day 26

Honestly, we can't bring others to Christ if we are isolating them or speaking negatively of them. Not only does gossiping hurt others, it also taints your image and makes it harder for people to trust or respect you.

31 Days of Proverbs: Day 25

So just as a silversmith removes impurities from silver, God is also constantly removing impurities from us as well. The pruning process can be uncomfortable, painful, and hard to understand, but in the end we are beautiful and shining for His glory.

31 Days of Proverbs: Day 23

Although we must refrain from laziness and idleness, we must also be intentional about taking time to rest. You cannot pour into others from an empty cup, and you definitely can't thrive if you never stop to refresh.

31 Days of Proverbs: Day 22

Part of walking by faith is being willing to take the first step. God desires to bless us, but we must also do our part. Is there anything keeping you from pursuing your purpose or being obedient to something God has told you to do? Is fear, insecurity or the idea of what others might think keeping you stagnant?